ATTENTION: Due to supply chain shortages, we are experiencing a delay of approximately 3-4 weeks in the delivery of our medical kits

EMS Adventurer
EMS Adventurer
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EMS Adventurer

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For people who live and love an adventure lifestyle, the typical IFAK just isn't versatile enough. Introducing the new D-Dey Adventurer!! Small enough to go anywhere and everywhere you do. It's the only kit we've added to our lineup in over SIX years, so you know we believe that it has a place in everyone's life. This kit fits in the bottom of your backpack, beach bag, or can be lashed to your paddle board, surfboard or kayak. It's small enough to go into a truck's center console, and under the seat of a car. It floats, is water tight and crush proof.

Medical Kit Dimensions: 11.14" x 6.86" x 3.88"


+ Pelican waterproof case
Aspirin x1
Motrin x1
+ Tylenol x1
+ Benadryl x1
+ Dramamine x1
+ Gloves x2
+ Tweezers x1
+ Scissors x1
+ Alcohol prep pad x2
+ Iodine prep pad x2
+ Triple antibiotic ointment x4
+ Emergency blanket x1
+ Eye shield x1
+ NexTemp x2
+ Oral salts x1
+ Ammonia inhalant x1
+ Glucose x1
+ Band-aid strip x5
+ Knuckle bandage x5
+ 4x4 Burn dressing x1
+ Saljet x2
+ Triangular bandage x1
+ 4x4 gauze x2
+ 2x2 gauze x2
+ 1” Medical tape x1
+ 4” Trauma dressing x1
+ Steri-Strip x1
+ NPA 28 w/ lube x1
+ Chest seal  x1
+ Tourniquet x1
+ 5x9 ABD x1
+ Celox