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RX Kit

RX Kit

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The RX medical kit is an excellent option for our maritime clients who spend time in remote, offshore locations. Equipped with medications to treat moderate to severe allergic reactions, to antibiotics for infections, it is a must have. The kit includes a prescription from our medical director and a laminated quick reference guide.

*Prices and contents subject to change.


Pelican micro case 1060 x1

Diphenhydramine x2

Ceftriaxone x2

Ondansetron vial x2

Ketorolac x2

Ciprofloxacin x100 tablets

Cephalexin x100 tablets

Lidocaine x1

Epinephrine auto injector adult x2

Sterile syringe with needle x10

Alcohol prep pad x10

Quick reference laminated card x1

Prescription from medical director x1

ATTENTION: Before the purchase of this Prescription Medical kit, you must complete the WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Shipping and fulfillment of your order cannot be completed without the waiver being completed. Thank You.