ATTENTION: Due to supply chain shortages, we are experiencing a delay of approximately 3-4 weeks in the delivery of our medical kits

Emergency Life Saver - Marine (ELS-M)

D-DEY Offshore brings the most up-to-date cutting edge maritime emergency medical training available. This full day course will train and prepare boat owners, families, captains, and crew to handle medical emergencies at sea. D-DEY’s mission is to empower, train and equip our customers to improve the outcome and increase survivability following an incident. The purpose of EMERGENCY LIFE SAVER (ELS) is to instill confidence and preparedness in all our students.

Students will receive training in CPR/AED, Airway Management, Bleeding Control, Allergic Reactions, Prescription Medications, Burns, Wound Management/ Closure, Splinting and patient movement. Upon course completion students will receive a National Certification in CPR/AED, First Aid and B-CON (Bleeding Control).

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